About Us

The Darton West Ward Alliance is an action group where local Councillors are working with local residents to improve the communities of Barugh, Barugh Green, Darton, GawberKexborough, Redbrook and Wilthorpe in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

The members of the Ward Alliance take responsibility for actions to make a difference on the Ward Alliance Plan priorities.

The Alliance is also developing a Neighbourhood Network of local groups, organisations and businesses who would like to be consulted on future priorities for the Ward and who would also have the opportunity to apply for funding from the Ward Alliance Fund. The Ward Alliance fund is available to support local organisations and a wide range of projects related to the Ward Priorities.

Application forms are available online here,  by phone from John Peachey on 01226  773018, or by email from johnpeachey@barnsley.gov.uk.

Ward Priorities 2014/15

Members of the Ward Alliance 2014/15

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